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  • According to “insider Intelligence”, gig workers have been massively underserved by financial services because they represent a higher risk demographic.  Yet, half of the US population is expected to do gig work by 2028.  Digital; gig work generated $204 billion in volume in 2018 and is expect to grow to $455 Billion by 2023, according to a recent Mastercard study.

  • To stay competitive, financial services organizations are modernizing their architecture to support t cutting-edge digital services and seamless customer experiences.  Yet digital architectures bring new risk.  With evolving technology comes evolved fraudsters and too many entry points for them.   A layered approach to fraud prevention is needed.

  • Recent turmoil has made many concerned about running out of money in retirement.  According to the “Retirement Literacy Report”  put together annually by the American College of Financial Services, guaranteed income is a major concern.  70% of women emphasize the value of guaranteed income sources, a total that is even higher amount black women (80%) and Hispanic women (77%). 

  • Baby boomers are aging with men passing earlier than women. As a result, women need and want professional financial services, help and education.

  • Divorced women on average come out with less security (i.e. money) than they had when married. They need guidance on how to catch up and/or achieve their own personal financial goals.
  • 68% of widows find a new advisor after the death of a spouse or partner. They don’t feel a connection or relationship with the previous advisor.