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William "Will" Regenscheid

William "Will" Regenscheid

Financial Advisor

My path to becoming a financial advisor was certainly not straight-forward. I strongly believe, however, the experiences I’ve had in other fields along the way only serve to improve my planning abilities and understanding of different people with different backgrounds and financial situations. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry as well personal care for the elderly while completing my bachelor’s degree. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2008 then went off and worked in China as a translator for the Chinese Central News’ website for several years.

It was after all that, when I decided I wanted a career in which I could assist others to help improve their livelihoods. Starting over again in a new career at that point does have its advantages and disadvantages, but I have enjoyed helping planning clients ever since and never looked back. I’ve also attained my CRPC designation (Chartered Financial Planning Counselor) over the years, which has widened the number of ways I can assist my clients.

I absolutely enjoy what I do and enjoy even more getting to know and earn the respect of my clients while helping them to pursue their goals.