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Joan  Gilles

Joan Gilles

Financial Advisor & Coach

My Story:  Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!  My dad would say that all the time.  You must understand that both of my parents grew up during the depression. They scrimped and saved their whole lives. As a teenager, all I wanted was cute clothes and a car. Later in life, I faced a serious life transition when my marriage of 20 years fell apart. I had to learn how to start over and balance my personal needs, my career and my young daughter.  I had to figure out how to balance spending vs. savings.  It wasn’t easy (okay it was really hard) and I made many mistakes. Because of those experiences, I’ve come to realize that I have the opportunity to share my learnings and the sum of all my client’s life experiences to guide your financial journey.  Listening to your story and helping you plan for the life you want makes my job energizing, rewarding and just plain AWESOME. I love my clients and helping them pursue their most important goals. 

My Background:  I thought I would hate financial services!  I began in the financial services industry right out of college, and I was sure it wasn’t for me.  Little did I know that after only a few months I would discover that money and planning just made sense to me.  In 1993 became a financial advisor and found my calling in this profession helping clients pursue their most important goals. 

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