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Mind Games

The ABCs of Investing

Adjust your expectations

Behave Rationally 

Cling to your financial plan

The ABCs give you the best chance to reach your goals!

The Magnificence of Diversification

Learn how diversification has the potential to improve returns, reduce risk and help you stay diciplined to your financial plan.  

Mind Games - Dire Predictions

How do you react to a dire predictions for the  stock market?  Stop, take a deep breath and think.  Watch this video and then call us - we are here to help. 

Mind Games - 3 Lessons from 2022

2022 came with it's own lessons.  Let's review 3 of them.

Mind Games - Boring Is Beautiful  

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can cause us to make bad financial decisions.  Learn why boring is beautiful in this short video.

Mind Games - Pragmatic Perspectives

Some timely and valuable perspectives when faced with higher interest rates and a declining stock market.

Investing in a Bear Market

Investing in a Bear Market is Difficult But Having the Right Perspectives Can Make it Easier.  Be Prepared for whatever will happen.