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Why Financial Planning is So Important

Why do we keep talking about Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is about more than just money.  It's about security, confidence and education.  YOU design what success means for you and we help you get there.  

That's why Financial Planning is so important.  

Let's Talk - Intergenerational & Estate Planning

Did you know that $38 Trillion will be handed from one generation to the next by 2049?  Learn about what you can do to set things up exactly how you want it to be.  

Let's Talk - Setting Goals

Goal setting is a method of anticipating, planning and preparing for the future.  Enjoy these 6 tips to make the process meaningful for you.  

Let's Talk - Domestic Partnerships vs. Marriage

Clients consider marriage or domestic partnership for many reasons.  Learn a little more about the related issues to choosing a partnership vs. marriage.  More questions?   Let's talk!!!

Let's Talk - How Conservative Should One Be in Retirement?

We usually worry about loss of principal.  Let's think more about loss of purchasing power.  

Let's Talk - Advisory vs. Brokerage accounts

Confused by the industry jargon/terminology.  Learn more in the 2 minute video.  

Let's Talk - Required Minimum Distributions

Cut through the industry jargon (RMD) and understand the what and why of Required Minimum Distributions in this month's Let's Talk.  

Let's Talk - Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  This month's Let's Talk help you understand how it works and why you might need to own some.  

Let's Talk - VLOG about Buying At The Wrong time

What would happen if you bought into the "Stock Market" at the wrong time?  Check out this 1:39 video and learn that investing to reach your goals is for the long term.  It is about time in the market - not timing the market.   We can help you get a plan and stick with it.  

Let's Talk - VLOG about Risk Tolerance

Ever wonder what that means?  Will explains.  

Let's Talk = VLOG  about 529 Plans

Let's Talk - VLOG About IRAs

Join Will Regenscheid as he talks about IRAs.  How to use them now and how to best utilize them for retirement.  This 1:42 video also shows you the difference between traditional IRA and ROTH IRA.  Reach out to Will and "Let's Talk!"

Let's Talk - VLOG #1

Welcome to lets talk:  A monthly VLOG covering various financial topics.  We are hoping that the topics we discuss are easy to understand and will motivate you to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to talk more about  them. 

Reach out to us and LET'S TALK!