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Women & Finances

August 07, 2018

Financial planning, wealth management, investment management (whatever you want to call it), is a male dominated industry.  I should know – I’m on the inside.  The industry doesn’t always talk to women the way women want hear information about finances.  This creates a “disconnect” between women and their real need to know and understand their finances. This disconnect causes them to fall behind when it comes to building wealth, independence and investing for the long-term. 

Women need to understand and participate in their own financial future.  You personally may not care about how much money is in your bank or on your 401K statement, but I do know that you want to make sure important dreams come true – like a new home, kids going to college, travel after retirement.  Financial Planning (I’ll use my term) should be about the results you want to see in the future.  Think of money as a tool to help achieve your goals or do something for those you love. 

How would it feel to work with and advisor who gets that?  How would it feel to have an advisor that listens to you and your story? How would it feel to have a conversation about your finances (in English) so you could feel more confident?  How would it feel to collaborate with an advisor to help you reach your important goals? That's what I do.  

It all start with a conversation. Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.  612 436-3733 or