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Monthly Market Insights

September 10, 2018

For years now I’ve sent the Monthly Market Insights email.  It’s the one email most of you open.  While I think markets are kind of cool (yes, that makes me a nerd), and I like to help you understand what’s going on in the markets, I’ve been considering the wisdom of sending such a report. 

My belief is that investing as part of your financial plan is a long-term process. Even for people who are retiring soon or have retired, that money needs to last for a long time.  The Monthly Market Insights is all about the short-term, which is contrary to my core philosophy.

In my experience, those who focus on short-term news and outcomes experience more stress, worry more and may achieve lower returns as they attempt to respond to and anticipate various market movements.  It is hard to enjoy life, relationships and have fun if we are focused on the volatile and manic market.

Your investments are there to support your goals and I am here to support you.  We have a plan; we need to trust that plan and know that it accounts for all types of market conditions.  I will advise you when marginal adjustments are appropriate based on conditions, cycles and hard evidence.

I will continue providing you content (like the Mind Games Videos) that will help you maintain proper perspective so we, together, can make the best decisions. It may not be as sexy as the Market Insights, but it will be better for your psyche and ultimately for your finances. 

I would love to hear your thoughts:  Should I stop sending Monthly Market Insights?     Call, email, let me know.