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Exit Planning - What the heck is that?

November 10, 2020

Regardless of your age, gender, industry, or company size, you will eventually need to exit from your business.  How well you exit and how much you get for selling your business is largely dependent upon how well and how early you plan. 

Julie Keys wrote a book: “Poised for Exit: A women Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Transition”.   Her book is intended to help you stop, breath and take the time you need to think through the process of exit planning.  The book is full of tools and checklists to help lay the groundwork, but Julie also has a podcast full of stories (good and bad) to make the process come to life. 

Of course, I’m here to help as well.  I plan to share “snippets” of the book and podcast regularly (with her permission, of course). ENJOY!