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Don't Look at The Market!

| April 28, 2022

An Important Truth for Recent Times: 

Investors who watch the market often will experience more stress and anxiety than those who don’t.


Are you tired of this recent market downturn?  It’s human nature to pick an arbitrary starting point.  For example:  In the last 4 months, look at what’s happened.    What about the 4 months before that?  Or the year before that?  As your advisors, we want you to have a long-term viewpoint   If Rip Van Winkle invested money and fell asleep for 10 years, would he be happy about his progress from the starting point to now?  


We understand that not looking is hard!  After all its your money – We get it!!   We suggest you take a step back and reassess.  #1 you can’t predict the market in the short term (no one can),.  #2 you can't control the outcome.  That’s part of the reason we suggest clients not look at their account balances except for our reviews.   


Watching the market is our job.  That is part of the reason you hired us.  If the situation warrants a change or we see something you need to do, we will let you know.  Perhaps it a time to buy in at a low price.  Now there’s a different perspective. 


Remember, we have your PLAN in place.  It accounts for the downside, uncertainty, volatility and the unpredictable.  Let’s have a conversation if you’re struggling with the short vs. long-term.

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