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Costs & Benefits of Working with Us

What's The Cost of Working With Financial Planning Partners?

Working with FPP will save you time and money as well as reduce stress and fear.  We want to be clear and up front about the cost of working with us.  We do this to set up a win/win situation.  You hold us accountable while we work together towards your bright finance future. 

If we invest money for you, we charge an advisory fee of 1% a year.  For that fee you get:

  • Financial Planning and Investment Management – 0.3%
  • Execution & Discipline to the Plan – 0.4%
  • Timely Market Perspectives & Guidance – 0.3%

Our primary focus is financial planning.  Our minimum fee is $1800 a year.  We can break that into a monthly or quarterly payment schedule in line with your budget.  As a part of planning if we are also managing assets for you, we factor in advisory fees to reduce or eliminate the $1800 planning fee. 

Because we want you to have access to whatever tools you need to reach your financial goals, we may receive additional compensation in connection with those tools. The compensation is not part of the advisory/flat fee. The commission is paid directly by the financial institution to our firm, and they account for that commission in the pricing of the financial product. To remain transparent, whenever we recommend a financial product, we disclose your cost and our compensation up front.  Some examples are:

  • Life or disability insurance
  • Annuities both fixed and variable
  • Non-trades REITS
  • Third party money managers. 

We truly believe that the cost of collaborating with Financial Planning Partners will pay off in the long run.  The price of not having someone to help you with these things will likely end up being much more expensive.

Contact us to learn more. You talk, we listen, and together, we’ll collaborate for your bright and successful future.