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Mind Games

Financial Media for the Long-Term Investor

This short video reminds us that the financial media is here to make money.  In order to make money they need your eyeballs and often use sensationalism and elicit emotions to get you to tune in.  I call it "financial pornography" and I believe it's bad for your long-term financial well-being.  I'm here to help you make sound financial decisions focused on achieving your most important goals. Let's have a conversation.  

Mind Games Goes Back To School

In this months video we are being reminded that when we are provided with lots of information we rely heavily on mental shortcuts.  That is not always good for us.  In the 1:24 video I bet you will "step over" important facts because you are busy using shortcuts.  I'm here to help you filter through all the information and noise to make good decisions. 


Trade Wars and Other Noise

Allow you financial plan to guide your investment decisions rather than the story of the day or the noise and emotions of the present.