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Benefits of Working with Us

The Cost-Benefit of Working with Financial Planning Partners

Working with a financial planner can save you stress, time, money, and fear. We want to be clear from day one about what our expectations are and how you can succeed. We’re completely transparent about our fees because we know it sets up a win/win situation. It allows you to hold us accountable while we work together towards your bright financial future.

How we Invest:

  • Mutual Funds (We try to keep the expense ratio below 0.50%)
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Stocks (if you have over $250,000)
  • Third Party Managers

What you pay:

                                               If Advisory                     

Planning Fee                           0.30%                           

Advisory/Coaching Fee           0.40%                       

Investment Fee                       0.30%

                            You Pay: 1.00%

I use a blended fee formula:  A percentage of Assets Under Management and fees must total a minimum of $1,800 annually.  This allows me to work with not only people with assets, but also young professionals in the accumulation phase.  

Because we want you to have access to whatever tools you need to reach your financial goals, we may receive additional compensation in connection with those tools. The compensation is not part of the advisory/flat fee. The commission is paid directly by the financial institution to our firm, and they account for that commission in the pricing of the financial product. To remain transparent, whenever we recommend a financial product, we disclose your cost and our compensation up front. We may receive additional compensation on:

  • Life or disability insurance: 40% of the first-year premium
  • Variable Annuity: 1% Per Year of Asset Value
  • Fixed Index Annuity: 1% First Year, 0.50% Annually Thereafter
  • Non-Traded REIT: 7% of investment at Time of Sale

The cost of working with a financial planner can be intimidating, but the price of working without one can be more expensive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, about to be retired, looking at divorce, running a new business, or figuring out how to exit the successful business you’ve built so you can embark on the next stage in life; it’s never too early or too late to develop a plan. Not only can working with a financial planner save you money, it can open doors to financial goals you didn’t think were possible.

Give us a call today at 612-436-3733. You talk, we listen, and together, we’ll collaborate for your bright and successful future.